OILA Membership

Okaloosa Island Leaseholders Association

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OILA is a non-profit organization. To collect membership fees, event registration, and other donations we utilize a free service called Zeffy.

It is safe, reliable, and helps us organizes our funds for our island projects.
The links below will help you register. Zeffy helps OILA keep our costs reasonable.

NO DONATION to their service is required.

Tutorial available here.

  • Associate

    • Newsletter Via Email
    • Website Access
  • Voting

    $12 per year
    • OILA Voting Rights
    • Access to Membership Features
  • Voting + Mail

    $18 per year
    • OILA Voting Rights
    • Paper Newsletter
  • Donate Directly

    • OILA needs your help. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

Membership Tutorial

After clicking on the link we will need to collect some information.


Zeffy, which we utilize for free, will ask you to contribute to their service. You may, but can easily unselect this (as shown below).


Paper Version

Residents are able to register using a paper copy listed here.