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Island Protective Convenants and Restrictions

Certified Copy of 1955 Island Protected Covenants and Restrictions

Below is the Certified Copy of the Protective Covenants and Restrictions for Okaloosa Island (Official Records Book 121, Pages 233 through 250) dated November 21, 1955 and recorded in 1955. This official certified copy is the governing document used for any legal cases as well as by the OILA ARC in their review process for any projects on Okaloosa Island.


Unofficial Searching Copy of Protective Covenants and Restrictions

Provided below is a reference document of the Protective Covenants and Restrictions. This document is provided only as an index to facilitate a digital search of specific items that can then be verified in the Certified Copy. Please note that the digital copy contains modifications and amendments to the Certified/Recorded copy that have never been officially adopted. Modifying the Covenants requires a process, contained within the Covenants, which includes a majority vote of the leaseholders (with “leaseholders” referring to a majority of lessees of parcels on Okaloosa Island, not OILA or OILA members). These modifications are shown in italic print and are referenced on the last page. This document is provided as an index only and should not be used for project planning.


Zoning Map

A Map of the Island showing the various "blocks" which are referenced in the Covenants and Restrictions